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We strongly believe in the concepts of simplicity and speed and for that reason we have designed our company under a single roof. Not only are we a licensed New York City yellow taxi medallion brokerage company, but we also provide specialty medallion financing, insurance for taxis, management options for owners and leasing operations for drivers. Our company and subsidiaries have the ability to engage everything in the New York City yellow taxi space. We are your full-service establishment for everything taxi-related.


Westway Medallion Sales, Inc.

Taxi medallion purchases and transfers

Westway Agency of New York, Inc.

Taxi vehicle insurance (Liability, Physical Damage, Workers Compensation)

Rapid Funding NYC, LLC

Taxi medallion loans

Team Systems, Inc.

Taxi management and leasing garage located in Long Island City


Westway Medallion Sales has been in the taxi business since the early 1980's and still thrives in the industry as a leading broker, buying and selling medallions at highly competitive rates and participating in medallion auctions. In 1984, Westway Agency of New York was born specializing in the sale of insurance to the taxi medallion industry. Realizing a need to finance the highly valuable medallion, in 1990 our lending operation was established. Since that time, Rapid Funding has become one of the most aggressive lenders in the industry today, lending more money on medallions than any other lender in the industry. Team Systems is our taxi management company managing medallions for owners and leasing them to drivers. Westway Medallion Sales and our subsidiaries have evolved to become the strongest representative in the industry with over 35 years of experience!


Interested in owning a taxi medallion?

WESTWAY MEDALLION SALES is the premier taxi medallion broker in the industry. We engage in a thoroughly collaborative process of buying and selling medallions. Looking to sell your medallion? We will find you a buyer. We offer buyers the lowest down-payments in the city to purchase a medallion. Interested in participating in a city auction? Not only do we simplify your experience by facilitating the entire process for you, but we will help you win a medallion. Need assistance settling a medallion estate? Our professionals will guide you through the process and craft a plan that works best for you and your family.


Need vehicle insurance for your taxi?

Our insurance brokerage business, WESTWAY AGENCY OF NEW YORK, interacts with every insurance company in the yellow taxi industry in order to get you the best deal available. We offer all types of insurance from liability insurance to physical damage insurance and workers’ compensation. Not satisfied with your current policy? Give us a call to get a free quote.


Looking to finance or refinance your taxi medallion?

RAPID FUNDING will lend you more money on your medallion than any other lender. Need it fast? Our deeply established relationships with licensed lending institutions allow us to process loans faster than any other lender in the industry. Bad credit? Not a problem for us. We can consolidate your debt and provide you with a single, low-interest rate loan.


Want to drive a yellow taxi?

TEAM SYSTEMS manages over 350 medallions out of our Long Island City garage. If you're an owner looking for an agent to manage your medallion(s), our experienced management agency will operate it for you. If you’re a driver interested in leasing, contact us to see what type of lease operations we currently have available for you. Our rates are the most competitive in the industry!


Richard Chipman



Richard is the driving force behind Westway Medallion Sales. He is the founder and owner since its inception. Richard is the fourth generation in the New York City taxi industry, learning the trade from his father, Donald, since the 1970's. There is nothing he cannot answer. Richard is one of the most experienced and well-respected members of the industry.

Irene Chipman

Loan Officer


A member of the Chipman family, Irene is an experienced loan officer delivering finance and refinance options for medallion loans at highly competitive rates.

Brandon Neufeld



Learning the industry since 2011, Brandon is well-versed in all arenas of the business. If you can’t find Richard, Brandon can assist you.

Staci Gonzalez

Loan Administrator


Staci works closely with the loan officers processing all finance and refinancing applications.

Iria Tejada

Insurance Manager


Managing the insurance division of the business, Iria is a 20-year seasoned member of the staff assisting in anything insurance-related.

Stephanie Marquez

Insurance Administrator


As the face of the insurance division, Stephanie is the main point-of-contact for owners and drivers.

Paul Gerard

Leasing Manager


Paul is the Team Systems garage representative assisting drivers leasing and shifting yellow taxis.





Interested in selling or purchasing a medallion, participating in a city auction, refinancing your medallion loan, medallion estate planning or insuring your taxi vehicle? We are here to answer any questions you may have about the taxi industry.

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