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Richard Chipman

          Richard Chipman of Westway Medallion Sales Inc. has been in the taxicab industry since 1978. He is the fourth generation in the New York City taxi industry. Both of Richard Chipmanís grandfathers were fleet owners and his great grandfather, on his motherís side, was also a fleet owner.

          Richard started working in the taxi industry in 1978 for his father, Donald Chipman. Donald Chipman was a fleet owner and at the time Richard went to work for him, his father was selling his fleet of medallions. Richard learned the business as a broker helping his father sell his medallions. In 1979 Richard became an insurance broker, and started selling insurance to New York City medallion owners.

          In 1984 Richard Chipman started Westway Insurance Agency, specializing in the sale of insurance to the taxi medallion and black car industry. 

         Westway Medallion Sales Inc. is a licensed New York City taxi medallion broker. They arrange for the buying and selling of New York City Taxi medallions.  They also offer buyers the opportunity to purchase medallions with the lowest down payments available in the city today.  Westway Medallion Sales Inc. helped more buyers bid successfully on the medallions auctioned off by the City of New York, at the last 3 auctions.

          In 1990 Richard Chipman started to loan money to the New York City taxi medallion owners through Nampich Management Corp., doing business as Rapid Funding.  Since that time Rapid Funding has become one of the most aggressive lenders in the industry today, lending more money on medallions than any other lender in the industry. 

           Richard Chipman is also the president of Superior Taxi Management Corp.  Superior Taxi Management Corp. is a licensed leasing agent by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission.  They are a management company managing medallions for owners.  They are always looking for medallions to manage for owners.  They have medallions to lease for drivers, and have cars available for rent.

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